November 19, 2020

Lovely Veras from our testers

It's always a lot of fun sharing testers makes; seeing the design made up in lots of different fabrics is always inspiring, as well as seeing it styled in so many ways. 

You can see our launch blog post for Vera here, and get the pattern for free here!

Marja made her Vera in a merino jacquard knit and the neckline looks just perfect! During testing, I focused a lot on getting the fit and length of the cuffs right. For the final product, I opted to shorten the cuffs a little, so the cuffs in this picture are a bit longer than the final pattern, as this was the first version of the pattern! Some of the testers made the earliest, longest cuffs, some made the shortened cuff, and some made both.


Karen made hers in a lovely dotted knit.

Ase used an asymmetrical print and a contrast neckband to great effect!

Dana made her Vera top in a lovely Jacquard from Mind the Maker. The warm and cozy knits are great with the long cuff view!

Gemma used a lovely solid colour knit. Simple and classic.

Ilse showcased two lovely print with her Vera tops, and made both the long cuff view, and the short cuff view. With her second make, she also tried out the scoop neck template, which looks great!


Kirsten made two versions. Her first was before the final, shorter version of the cuff, which is why it looks a bit too long in the arms.

For her second version, she used the short cuffs, and the scoop neck template. As you can see, this neckline option is a moderately low scoop. Such fun fabric for this one!


Koe is so clever that she made this Vera using an old maxi skirt! How resourceful, and the placement of that large print is quite stunning on the front of the top! 

She also made the short cuff version in another lovely print.

Laura commented that she found it easy to put together, the neckline being the most challenging part, of course! Another lovely fabric choice.

Lisa opted for a solid colour, which looks elegantly simple. 

Lynn went next-level and upcycled a vintage piece of knitwear, and colour-blocked the sleeve. She also played around with the hem shape too, dropping it down in the front, and creating a shirt-tail-like hem in back. So clever!

Marlies used a classic lightweight sweater knit to get this gorgeously casual look! She also used the scoop neck template, but raised it a little (4cm).

Melissa made her Vera out of a very fun print. I love the simplicity of it!

Nadia paired her jacquard sweater knit Vera with a gorgeous embroidered Ella skirt, as she was in the tester pool for both designs! I just love the casualness of the top paired with the elegant skirt.

Stephanie made two Veras! The long cuff version was made in a bamboo/spandex jersey.

Her short cuff version was made in a polyester/spandex jacquard knit with a really fun print!

Rebecca kept it simple with a lovely orange knit!

Tania styled hers tucked in. She made it in a light french terry and she said she absolutely loves it! My testers were so kind and helpful during the testing process with all their feedback.

Tea made some brilliant Vera tops, using fun prints and colour-blocking to excellent effect! Even better when her skirt matches the top. So much fun!

Veronique use a cotton/elastane blend. She enlarged her cuffs a little for her preference. They are designed to be snug, which is why I added a tip in the instructions about trying them on before sewing them in! That's just an example of the valuable feedback our testers give; a huge part of testing is seeing how it fits on individuals and choosing what works best for the broadest range of people!

Audrey made her Vera in a viscose jersey with a pretty print. It looks lovely on her!

I love this cream Vera by Vicki, which feels so simple and romantic.

Bernice chose a beautiful watercolour print fabric (a bamboo lycra). She shortened the top slightly to match her stature. I think it looks stunning.

So that's our lovely tester makes. During the process, they gave a lot of helpful feedback. I'm proud to say that I put just as much effort into this pattern as I would for any paid offering. I hope that through offering this as a free pattern, lots of people can experience and enjoy our high-quality patternmaking and instructions!

Some of our testers' comments: 

"I really like that you can create a lovely jersey top that is more then the normal t-shirt." 

"I learned how to used a template for a different neckline. It's the first pattern I've used that does that and I think it's a brilliant idea." (of the scoop neck template).

"It was quick and straightforward, with clear instructions. Doing the V neck was satisfying."

"I really liked the fun sleeve options. I also really like the curved hem. I didn't notice this in your call for testers, so it was a lovely surprise when I made the top. It's an excellent basic with a twist. I know I'll wear it a lot."

Huge thank you to the testers!

As always, I am very grateful for the testers for their insights and feedback. It will be a while before our next tester callout, but next time we may be doing things differently, so that it is less of a lottery, and more of a queue system. But for now, I really am glad that all the testers who missed out on testing Vera, actually get to make it for free after all.

And of course, thanks to everyone who has shared their excitement so far for the Vera top! 

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