Making is our favourite thing to do.

Here at Forget-me-not Patterns, we simply love to design and sew beautiful womenswear sewing patterns. We are based in lovely Wellington, New Zealand. 

Meet the designer

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Hi, I’m Jo, designer for Forget-me-not Patterns. Nothing gives me more enjoyment than making things with my hands. After getting a Bachelor of Design in fashion, and several years of experience in custom-made and alterations, as well as teaching sewing, I started Forget-me-not Patterns. Why? Because I was constantly drawn back to the maker community, and I wanted to be a part of the slow fashion movement. I started out as a home sewer, so I know the struggles and joys of sewing at home. My dream is to help others craft a conscious wardrobe, and have fun doing it. 

Our values

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Creative growth

We are artisans at heart. There's nothing better than learning and mastering new techniques! Our patterns come with everything you need to upskill yourself.


Sewing is a form of self expression. When we sew, we make creative choices and have the ability to fit things to our unique shape. Make something that inspires you!


Slow fashion empowers us to take control of the way we clothe ourselves. Wearing sustainable fibres, reducing what we consume, and keeping traditional techniques alive - these are a huge part of our ethos.


We believe in celebrating diversity. Our commitment as we grow is to create a space where everyone is welcome.