November 17, 2020

Welcome Vera, our first free pattern!

It's a huge week for Forget-me-not, having just launched a fresh skirt pattern, and now, our first free pattern. Think of Vera as a "thank you" to all the people who have supported Forget-me-not Patterns so far, and a big "hello" to anyone who hasn't tried our patterns before!

Vera is a top pattern designed for knit fabrics that has a fun, full sleeve. You can grab the pattern here right now for free, or read on for more details.


Two different cuff views 

Our first look is a cozy one, made in merino, with the long cuff view. The long cuff goes right down to the wrist, and fits snugly. This view was very popular with testers! Here it is paired with our newly-released Ella skirt. (By the way, today is the last day to get 20% off Ella with code HELLO_ELLA!)

The Vera top features two different cuff options. Or, you can leave the cuff off for a simple flared sleeve! Here it is with the short cuff view, made in a viscose jersey. Perfect for warmer weather! Here again, we paired it with the Ella skirt, this time in the shortest length.

The neckline

The V-neck and the gathering create extra interest and make Vera a little more challenging than a basic tee pattern. This is a subtle V-neck which complements the curves of the body with its shaping. These two features make Vera an Intermediate level pattern, although it can be made by confident beginners who want to learn some new skills!

The scoop neck expansion

If sewing the V-neck is a bit more challenging than you'd like, or if you just want extra options for your Vera top, there is a scoop neck expansion! Check out the scoop neck in combination with the simple flared sleeve. The flared sleeve is the easiest of the three sleeve options, naturally! This look is made in a viscose jersey, which is a great choice as it drapes well.

The scoop neck option is a paid mini-download, which acts as an expansion pack for your Vera top. The great thing is that it also works with the Iris tee too, so now you have more options for both patterns! The scoop neck is an easier sewing option than the V-neck, so consider it if you want a less challenging experience. You can buy the scoop neck expansion here. This is our first expansion pack, which is also exciting.

The fit

The Vera top is fitted at the bust, while mild shaping at the side seams creates a relaxed fit through the waist. The hemline has a bit of shaping from front to back, dipping a little lower in the back.

Of course, I'm a big fan of the french tuck, which gives a relaxed yet lightly tailored vibe!


Line drawings


So that's our first free pattern, the Vera top! A lot of time and love went into this pattern, so I really hope you enjoy it.

Remember, your support of Forget-me-not Patterns means everything to us (we couldn't exist without our customers!), so please consider checking out the rest of our catalogue. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us up to now!! You can see the rest of our patterns here, and get the Vera top here.

Look forward to seeing some beautiful tester makes next! 

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