Forget-me-not patterns are designed around an averagely curvy figure with a B-cup bust and a height of 5’6” (168cm). Some patterns have extra figure variations available. For those, look further down on the page.

If your body type differs from our measurements, do not worry! Depending on where the pattern is fitted, you may not need to worry about variations in figure. If needed, you are also able to grade between sizes to customise the fit to yourself. If in doubt, choose the size up from the size the chart indicates to ensure enough room in your garment.

Sizing charts

We are working on expanding our sizing, which means all our new patterns go up to size 52, but some of our older patterns only go up to size 48.

Many of our patterns offer cup sizing in small, medium and full, but not all. Check the sizing section of each product page to see the size range and fit options offered.


Forget-me-not extended sizing chart in cm
Forget-me-not extended sizing chart in inches

Patterns with extra hip sizes

Patterns that use the extra hip sizing chart:
-The Sabrina pencil skirt

The Sabrina pencil skirt comes in three different fits, each designed for different hip-to-waist ratios, so has its own special size chart with extra rows to reflect the different body types. The instructions show how to use these charts to find the figure type you fit into best.