May 28, 2020

Our beautiful tester makes

It's time to show off the stunning makes that our testers made during the testing process. I feel like I was blessed with simply wonderful testers that gave such amazing feedback during the process and really helped the design be the best it could be! I think one of my favourite things is how this pattern flatters all sort of body types, curvy or not! And my other favourite thing is how the bust didn't gape on a single tester, something I'm very proud of.

You can check out the launch blog post with all the details here, and buy the pattern here!

Alright, let's get onto those beautiful tester makes.

Eunice used a lovely pink linen fabric. She says it's one of her favourite wrap dresses to wear because it has good coverage in the front!

She has a blog and is also on Instagram. I love that her lipstick complements the dress so well!


Chloe has done something very clever here... She made the Adeline in a knit fabric, which sounds like it would bring the comfort factor up even higher! Oh, I definitely have to give this a try!

Cass made a few versions of the Adeline. She showed it works well with stripes, and really nailed the shawl collar!

Just look at the close-up of the pleated sleeve detail! Gorgeous! 


The stripes in the back emphasise the directional nature of the pleats! So pretty.

Here she is in her top version, made in a lovely soft viscose. Isn't it romantic? 

During the testing, one of the major areas of refinement was the sleeves. One of the final differences was actually shortening the short sleeve view a little, so the final sleeves are actually a little shorter than shown in these pictures. Luckily, sleeve length is not a difficult alteration if your preferences differ!

Perhaps the secret to her sewing perfection is a glass of wine... Anyway, I just love this colour on her!

Keira is another tester who made more than one, and I just love her stylish pictures! I love this cheery seersucker version of the top! It's so flattering.

By the way, she blogs, does Youtube and is on Instagram!

She also made the dress version in a cotton chambray and it turned out to be a knockout! She took the skirt in a little for a closer fit and it really works on her.

The back view with the pleats looks so tailored and sharp with a slightly crisp fabric.

Katie made two lovely versions of the top in a soft viscose and a slightly crisper cotton.

Katie made two lovely versions of the top in a soft viscose crepe and a slightly crisper cotton Oxford shirting. The two makes give a great comparison between the two fabrics, and also you can see the updated sleeve that's slightly shorter in the second version!

Romy-Krystal made the best use of bold stripes with her fun fabric. And of course, pockets make everything better.

She also made it in a fun print!

Marte picked such a beautiful shade of medium-weight linen. She took the chance to add the pockets too!


The back pleats fall beautifully!

Johanna made her peplum top from a lightweight linen blend. The pretty floral gives it such a soft feeling.

She made her next version in a fun spotted chambray!

Sara made hers out of an upcycled bedsheet, but I never would have guessed! Such a clever and sustainable source of fabric.

Eira made hers from IKEA cotton fabric, with 1" added to the bodice length for her tall figure. She also cleverly made both ties long enough to wrap all the way around the front waist too.

Carly went for a totally classic black dress!

Jessica made a sleeveless version, but this was made from an earlier version of the tester garment, before I loosened the armscye to make the sleeve more comfortable. The final pattern may not be suitable for going sleeveless, as the scye is looser. It looks great though, so I think I will get a free update together for the sleeveless option! Doesn't the contrast shawl collar look great with this fabric though?

Her next version was of the dress in a lovely drapey fabric. And this time, she lengthened tie to go all the way around the waist.

AnnMarie made hers in a lovely Irish linen from Crafty Studio.

Renee used a stunner of a gingham that really makes the design pop.

Again, I want to thank my testers so much! This was one of those patterns that had some extra finessing during testing and they were so helpful as I worked through improving the comfort of the armscye and giving more mobility to the sleeve. 

I hope you have been inspired by all these lovely tester makes. I look forward to seeing more Adelines from you all! And don't forget, during launch week, you can get 20% off the pattern with code WRAP_PARTY when you buy the pattern here. Happy sewing, everyone!

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