May 26, 2020

Please welcome Adeline, the pleated wrap dress and top!

Our latest pattern is finally here and I think you're really going to enjoy sewing it! Click here to check out the product page, where you can also see some lovely tester makes. For the launch week, you can use the code WRAP_PARTY to get 20% off!

Read on for all the details.

It's all about the pleats

My favourite part of the design is definitely the draped pleats. I love how dramatic they are on the body, and flattering too! You'll find the pleats much easier to sew than darts, but they still tailor the garment to your curves.

Pleats on the sleeves too!

Yes, there are options for pleated sleeves too; both the short and the 3/4 sleeves feature an option for a special pleat + dart combo that will make you feel so clever when you sew it. It's all about the extra details.


Choose your level of detail

Shawl collar or plain neckline?

Adeline features a choice between a tailored shawl collar, or a plain neckline. With this and the sleeve options, it's up to you how much detail you want in your garment. All the design options come fully illustrated with their own construction methods.

The navy sample showcases the shawl collar and 3/4 length pleated sleeve in a wool crepe, for a comfortingly cozy dress (perfect for working from home!). 

Pick your style

Dress, or top? The top view is a peplum option. It's just the right length to flatter the rear without making it look bigger by cutting across the widest point! That said, this is an easy thing to lengthen if your style preferences or body type suit a longer peplum.

Pick your sleeve length

As well as the detail and length options, there are two different lengths of sleeves to choose from; a 3/4 sleeve and a short sleeve. Check out the line drawings to imagine your options! 

And you can see the various options testers have made on the product page here too.


No tricky closures, but a few tricks.

This is a true wrap dress, featuring a tie closure. That means the only notion you need is thread, which is a great feeling! However, for the wrap dress in particular, the booklet includes some bonus tips for maximising coverage and minimising surprise thigh reveals! I hope to share more in-depth content on the construction of this garment too, so do stay tuned. 

That draped fit

The draped pleats form flattering folds on the bias, which really makes the fit very versatile on different body types. I am so pleased to report is that among the testers, not a single one reported any gaping in the front!! The dress also fit larger-busted testers well, without a need for a bust adjustment. Now that's a win.

And yes, there are pockets!

You have the option of nice roomy inseam pockets on your dress. These are designed to fit discreetly into the side seam so as not to interfere with the style lines,  and are totally optional, of course!

More photos will be on their way.

Due to the viral situation, a photoshoot will be in the pipeline, so look forward to studio photography pictures at a later date. For now, we are making the best of the situation, and it is more important to get the pattern out so everyone can get sewing!   

And that's a wrap! Don't forget offer code WRAP_PARTY at checkout to join the wrap party and get your 20% off! You can buy the PDF pattern by clicking here.

It's so wonderful to finally share the pattern with the world. I hope you share my excitement. I look forward to sharing some fabulous tester makes in the future! To keep up with it all, don't forget to follow along on our Instagram and Facebook pages, or sign up to our newsletter. Happy sewing everyone!


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