Sew a continuous bound placket

How to sew a continuous bound placket

This is a lovely, classic sewing technique you'll use over and over!

As you can see, the long sleeve view for Valerie features a sleeve gathered into a cuff. This is definitely one of the trickier parts of the process, as it requires quite a bit of precision! So I decided a video tutorial would be the best way to shed some light on this technique. This clever technique is often used in womenswear. It's a little less intense than the big, structured tower placket used on traditional shirts. It's a nice and subtle finish for the opening! 

Learn how to sew a lovely continuous bound placket with the help of our video tutorial. In this video, I sewed a sample up, instead of working with a full garment (which is why my "sleeve" is cut off at the top!). You will also notice I used contrast thread, to make it easier to see!


You might be wondering about the grainline of the binding. Oftentimes, binding is cut on the bias, but not today!! Why? Because we do not need the flexibility of the bias; there are no curves to go around. The bias is going to be harder to sew because of that flexible nature, so I cut my binding on the straight grain for this technique. The straight grain is nice and stable and will make your pressing and sewing much, much easier! The only time I would use the bias for this technique is if I wanted to put a stripe or plaid on the diagonal as a pretty design feature.

If you haven't already done so, you can buy the Valerie pattern here!

I hope this videos helps! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. Happy sewing!

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