November 10, 2020

Ella is finally here! Let's get to know this fun skirt. 

It's launch week for the Ella skirt! The Ella skirt is a gathered skirt with a subtle high-low hem. It comes in three different lengths, and has three different pocket options, so you can mix and match for your perfect look. 

To get your copy, click here to go straight to the product page. For the launch week, you can use the code HELLO_ELLA to get 20% off.

Read on for more info, and a nice walkthrough of all the different looks we created for the shoot.

Midi length + rounded patch pockets

Let's chat about the longest view first. This view is a midi-length skirt that gives off a relaxed, bohemian vibe. This view was very popular with my testers! The best part was seeing it styled for different seasons; worn with boots and tights for a romantic Autumn outfit, or made out of a light chambray or rayon, and teamed with a simple blouse or tee for something light and airy! For the photoshoot sample, I used a gorgeous mustard printed rayon from Atelier Brunette. It is teamed with a plain cream Iris tee (made in a rayon knit. And yes, the Iris is a great basic when it's not busy being a fancy pleated design!). 

This version of the skirt features the rounded patch pockets, although you'd be forgiven for not noticing them straight away. The printed fabric is great camouflage for the pockets!


I personally love a tailored waistband; it's so classic. The Ella skirt features a  fitted waistband that sits at the natural waist. It closes at centre back with an invisible hook and eye closure and an invisible zip.

When it comes to the shape, it's important to note that it is not a rectangular skirt, but an A-line skirt. The angled side seams give movement and drape through the hip, unlike than a basic gathered rectangle, which can feel more bulky due to its reliance on gathers.

Shortest length + in-seam pockets

The shortest length sits above the knee. This sample was made up in a lovely dot-embellished black cotton. I love that this shot shows off both the in-seam pockets, and the slight high-low effect from front to back!


I always feel like saying, "This is a really fun sew" when I launch a pattern, but then I realise that I think that about every design...because if you love sewing, you just love sewing!! But there is always some special element that I find the most fun, and for Ella, that part for me is the gathers. They are just so satisfying, and give such a fun swish factor to the skirt.

Now, maybe you're thinking, "That knit top with the full sleeves is super great, I want to make that too!". Well! Great news, the knit top pattern will be out very soon, which is why I was able to combine the two photoshoots. I'm so excited for this one too, guys! So keep your eyes peeled... It's going to be a lot of fun.

But back to the skirt...It has pockets! This view shows off the in-seam pockets, a nice hidden pocket on the side seam. I like the in-seam pockets as an option for when you don't want patch pockets taking the focus.

Mid length + rectangular patch pockets

The mid-length view is a knee-length skirt. This sample was made in a wool suiting, which provides a lovely body and drape to the gathers. The rectangular patch pockets are the easiest of the two patch pocket views to sew, as it is all straight lines, so much easier to press and sew. 

Both patch pocket views have a top part that is seamed on, which adds stability to the top of the pocket. The top of the pocket also angles down at the sides, which complements the design lines of the skirt, as well as working with the natural angle of our hands!

It was really fun styling this look with an autumnal vibe. It's so cosy! Again, with this look you are getting a preview of our next top pattern, which will be out so soon.


Shortest length sans pockets

This look was again styled with a plain Iris tee. This look is a great example of using a sheer fabric and a lining. Please note, the pattern does not contain separate lining pieces or additional instructions for a lining, but I plan to release extra tutorial content for this in future.

The overlay is an embellished silk mesh, and lining is a nude rayon. It gives a beautifully airy effect. For this look, I opted to leave pockets out, as I did not want visible patch pockets or in-seam pockets that would show through the sheer. I'll leave the technical details for the eventual tutorial, but suffice to say, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! You could also achieve this look by simply wearing a slip underneath if you didn't want to bother with a full lining!

Line drawings

Enjoy picking the perfect combination of length and pockets to make your perfect skirt!


I hope you've enjoyed learning about the Ella skirt! Remember, for launch week you can get 20% off with code HELLO_ELLA. Just click here to check out the pattern!

I'm looking forward to sharing some very inspiring tester makes, as well as sharing our next pattern with you very, very soon.

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