July 15, 2020

Showing off lovely testers and their makes

It's always a fun time, getting to show off the great makes that testers sewed up. 

You can check out the launch blog post with all the details here, and buy the pattern here! Today is the last day of our sale on all patterns, so use the code BDAY to get 20% off your entire order.

Let's get right to the makes, and see all the lovely fabrics they used!



Katie got an amazing detail shot of the sleeve. She used a soft triblend knit. She said she loves an unexpected detail!



Angie did a beautiful job with a striped fabric. Stripes look really fun with the pleats, as the stripes get skewed in different directions! You can also see she opted to topstitch the seam of the band on the sleeve, and it looks great!



Cass made hers up a marled knit which looks great! During testing, I worked with the testers to lower the neckline a little, as some people preferred it more scooped. So the final neckline is a little wider and a little lower than shown here. 


 She also made it up in a rib knit for the 3/4 sleeve and here you can see the effect the lower neckline has too, as a bonus! Cass is a great tester and I have worked with her previously. She always has something interesting going on on her Instagram. She said she found the rib did not like cooperating with the band, so she added some elastic into the sleeve bands just to help it sit better, which worked!



Genevieve picked a fun printed knit, and actually used contrasting white bands for the neckline and sleeve bands which are a very subtle yet clever detail! 



Hannah chose a fun dotted print. Simple yet effective!




Umm, how fun is this? Lots of colours! Jo made hers super cute and she did a great job modelling it. And the instagram caption she put with it is was just too hilarious! 




Julia went for a plain teal version, which shows off the pleats well!




Here's Katie again, but this time in a drapey cupro knit. You can see that this slinky fabric has a much more fluid drape than a cotton jersey.



 Katie also had fun with stripes, and this fun version puts a twist on a casual tee!



Kealy at Voice of a Creative made a few, trying out different sleeve views! She also blogs and has a Youtube channel. She made a YouTube video showing off the pattern (It's always great to see the garment in motion!). I love that this is her new tried-and-true tee pattern. P.S She has a beautiful accent!


She made the plain short sleeve too, in a fun print!


For her version of the pleated 3/4 sleeve, she used a viscose knit, and hacked the neckline by lowering it 1 inch at the centre front.

Also, psst: She has also made a dress hack that she shows off in her YouTube video!


Kirsten took some really fun pics of her enjoying her Iris tees! She says, "I’ve been wearing mine nonstop since testing. Super speedy, simple project with the intrigue of a weirdly shaped sleeve pattern piece that comes together like magic!".




Koe says "The short pleated sleeves are the cutest. I loved making it in different summer fabrics." Her versions made use of some really great fabric prints. 


I particularly love this sweet lemon printed knit she used. Such a fun and sassy vibe (check out those matching earrings too!).



Erin AKA The Specky Seamstress said, "Mine was made from a 90cm remnant of cotton jersey - I love that the pleats look great in patterned fabric or solids - and it'd be really cute with a contrast arm band too!". She also has a YouTube channel where she talks sewing.


Michelle made a great green version in a cotton jersey.



Here is another super fun print by @momita_costura. I love the sprinkles!


Rebecca made a lovely version. She said, "The sleeve piece took me back to my childhood making origami ( or should I say attempting origami) . You really should go check this pattern out. It's another quick satisfying sew.".




Tamika made the most gorgeous minimalist take on the 3/4 sleeve, and I totally love the way she styled it.



 Tania made two versions, each in different fabric. The yellow is a cotton jersey, while the green is a linen, which seems like it would be heavenly to wear.


Tracy went next level and hacked the Iris tee into a dress! How fun is this? It looks so elegant paired with the feature sleeve. In her words, "I made a sweater dress in the 3/4 length pleated sleeve and I added a circle skirt. The fabric is a bit of old Polartec Merino wool knit ... It's really spongy and thick, which made it a little difficult to use on these sleeve pleats, but I love how it turned out and it's so comfortable."

She also hacked the short sleeve, saying, "The second tee I made was a basic cotton spandex jersey with the short pleated sleeve option. I wanted to emphasize the playful, girliness of the pleated sleeve so I added a little keyhole and Peter Pan collar. The style turned out super cute!". Amazing work, Tracy!

Nichole made an elegantly simple version in pink jersey.


Well, I'm again overwhelmed by how awesome my testers have been! They did such a great job of giving feedback and making the pattern the best it can be.

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas for what you'd like to make. It's always great to see all the different fabrics and creative hacks people sew up! To keep an eye on new makes on Instagram, or show off your own makes, you can also use the #fmnIris hashtag.

Today is the last day of the combination launch week/first birthday party sale, so you can get 20% off not only the Iris tee, but all patterns on the site, using the code BDAY. Click here to see the Iris tee pattern, and click here to see all the patterns. And now feels like a great time to say thank you to not only testers, but everyone who has supported Forget-me-not Patterns in its first year. Every single like, comment, share, sale, make, and photo really does make a difference! Thank you guys, and happy sewing!


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