July 08, 2020

Pleats to meet you, Iris!


Please welcome our fun new tee pattern, Iris! 

The newest addition to our line-up is a simple-to-sew tee with a twist. This is one that fans have been asking for ever since we did a sneak peek of the design, and it's finally here! And pssst... there's not just one choice of pleats, but two, so read on.

You can click here to go straight to the product page and buy your copy. For the launch week, you can use the code BDAY to get 20% off! And yes, it is our one year birthday, so this code will get you 20% off ALL patterns, not just Iris!

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Pleats, please!

Yes, there are two different pleated options. The first is the short sleeve style featuring four interlocked pleats. But there's also a three-quarter option!


The pleated three-quarter sleeve features two interlocked pleats that create a "V" shape. These two different pleated designs have been designed to work with the different sleeve lengths in a way that complements the silhouette of the sleeve. It's not about dramatic volume, but about subtle detailing. They will make you feel so clever when you sew them too. They look a bit tricky, but are surprisingly simple to create!

A classic fit

The Iris tee is fitted at the bust, and also includes waist shaping to follow your curves. Simply put, it is an easy-fit garment, thanks to the stretch knits it is designed for! The neckline is a crew-neck style which follows the natural shape of the neck without being too tight. This is something I followed closely with my testers, who gave great feedback on their preferred neckline, and the final version is just right.


Suitable for so many knits

Your fabric choice for Iris will affect the way the tee sits and how the pleats drape. For our pink sample, we used an organic cotton jersey.

Our purple sample is made in organic cotton interlock, which is a thicker fabric than jersey. This gives the pleats a more sculptural quality. Our testers made theirs up in all sorts of fabrics, to beautiful results. It's up to you! Both of these gorgeous fabrics were provided by Miss Maude, a local shop which supplies the most beautiful fabrics!

A bonus plain sleeve!

Along with the featured pleated views, included in the pattern is a plain sleeve pattern piece, just in case you want to use the pattern as a basic tee. Check out the line drawings to imagine your options! 

An easy pattern, but fun results.

All the testers found that the fully-illustrated instructions made the pleats a breeze, and truly, this pattern does make up so quickly. You've got to love knits; they are so easy and comfy to wear! I hope you are inspired by this pattern (and our beautiful model).

So that's Iris! Remember, this is also our first year anniversary party, so you can get 20% off ALL patterns on our site for this week. You can buy the Iris PDF pattern by clicking here. And browse all our patterns here!

Now seems like a great time to thank everyone who has supported this small business in its first year by buying patterns, commenting, liking, sharing, testing, and most importantly, sharing the love of sewing. I love connecting with you all!

If you aren't already, you can join in on our Instagram and Facebook pages, or sign up to our newsletter. It's been so lovely to be part of the community. Here's to a great second year!

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