February 25, 2020

New Clementine photos are here!

Clementine dress in berry with scoop neck

Time to celebrate the brand new images of the Clementine dress and top! If you haven't got your Clementine dress and top pattern yet, you can buy it here. And YES, just like our Valerie photo launch, there is a sale! Get 15% off Clementine all week - just use code YAYCLEMENTINE at checkout to get your discount (offer ends on March 3rd). 

Read on to see the new pics as well as the fabric details, and some tips!

A cozy Clementine with a cowl

When it comes to cool weather, Clementine definitely has you covered. Check out our lovely cowl neck version with full length sleeves, made in a beautifully soft fabric. 

Navy Clementine dress with cowl neck 

You'll notice this softer knit drapes quite differently to the berry-coloured Clementine. Softer fabrics have less body, so they don't hold the flared shape of the skirt as much. This knit fabric is an acrylic blend, which mimics the softness and warmth of wool.

Side note: Acrylic is a synthetic fibre; I much prefer wool and natural fibres in general, both for breathability and sustainability reasons. An ongoing aim of Forget-me-not Patterns is to improve our sourcing and sustainability credentials!

Tailor it to fit perfectly

The princess seams on the Clementine give you so many areas to tweak the fit. Many knits simply have side seams, but Clementine has princess seams on the front and back, so you can elevate your knit garments to a much more refined feel.

In general, people have found that the stretch properties of a knit in combination with the shaped princess seams give a flattering fit to a wide variety of body types! However, we also have shared a tutorial for altering for a larger bust, so check that out if you need it.

Note: It is in our future plans to add a full bust supplement to our core Clementine pattern, so please let us know if that's something you would love to see!

Navy Clementine dress with cowl neck - front

Tips for your cowl

- Make sure your fabric is soft and drapey enough to complement the cowl. The berry-coloured fabric (a ponte knit) would make a stiff, inelegant cowl. But this soft fabric looks gorgeous.

- Clementine features a small, delicate cowl neck, but what if you prefer yours a little deeper? We've got you covered! Check out our easy tutorial on how to deepen the cowl (and yes, you can use this patternmaking tutorial for other garments too)!


Navy Clementine dress with cowl neck - back

Directional prints

Be careful if your print is directional! Luckily this print can be flipped upside down with no issues. You will be able to get a more fabric-efficient layplan if you can flip your pieces upside-down. That is why you must allow more fabric for directional fabric. 

 Navy Clementine with cowl neck - front

Yes! Ponte is perfect!

Our next flavour of Clementine shows off the scoop neck, and the difference your fabric choice can make! This is a rayon (also known as viscose) ponte, which is a type of knit fabric that has quite a bit of body. It's perfect for a more structural approach.

 Clementine dress with scoop neck - front


Stable knits are your friend!

For people who may be a little less confident or experienced with knits, a nice firm knit will be much easier to cut and sew with. Look for double knits, interlocks and pontes. These are all thicker fabrics that won't move around as much. They also skim the body a little more, instead of clinging, the way more lightweight fabrics can do.

Clementine dress with scoop neck - back 

Dress up or down?

I think one of my favourite things about this pattern is its versatility. Ever heard of the phrase "secret pyjamas"? It's a term that some sewers like to call garments that are super comfy but look dressy. Clementine is a perfect secret pyjamas pattern! The princess seams give it a tailored look but it is SO comfy!!

Clementine dress with scoop neck - front view 

And YES, it has pockets!

The ultimate for dresses! However, choose your pockets on a fabric-by-fabric basis. For thick fabrics like ponte, you do not want the extra bulk. It is also best to avoid pockets in super clingy, lightweight knits. But it's great to have the option!

 Clementine dress with scoop neck and 3/4 sleeve - front view

Make it your own

I love how versatile this pattern is, so I hope it lends itself to multiple makes for you. We haven't even shared pictures of the top version yet, so look out for that soon!

I'm looking forward to seeing more lovely Clementines. Each one of them inspires me and makes my day! Check out our Instagram or Facebook for inspiration and updates. You can also search under #fmnClementine on Instagram. And remember, you can buy Clementine here (don't forget your sale code, YAYCLEMENTINE!).

I'm so happy to share these images with you all. Thank you for all the support you have given the Clementine pattern so far! Stay tuned for more news, and more designs coming your way soon.

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