Welcome to the world, Forget-me-not Patterns!

Well, it's finally happened. It's been a long time in the making, but Forget-me-not Patterns is here!

Hi, Jo here! I'm the founder of Forget-me-not, and I've been kicking around on the sewingsphere for quite a while. At first, I taught myself to sew at home. One thing led to another as I followed my passion for creativity, and I pursued further study, ending up with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion.

After a while in the industry in various (unexciting) roles, I found myself always coming back to the home-sewing community. It's the makers, the creatives and those that appreciate the art of working with their hands. These are the people that I feel truly are my tribe. 

I must admit, for the longest time, I refused to even consider starting my own business. I also had this feeling that working with home-sewing wasn't the kind of design I should aspire to (I know, how silly is that??). But when I'd put things on the catwalk, I never felt like that was really for me; that wasn't the 'main event', or the point of it all. The journey of artisanship and the excitement of making was always the thing I lived for!

I really can't keep myself away from designing and making. Over time, (and with the help of awesome people around me) I have come to understand that I should be embracing and sharing my passion with everyone out there who 'gets it'. The people that, just like me, adore making things with their hands, love to see their creativity come to life, and love that they can say NO to fast fashion, and engage with fashion in a more conscious way!

There are many things I hope to build Forget-me-not into over time, but I decided it was time to start somewhere and go from there. I get such a boost when people in the community reach out and say they're excited to wear my designs, it really makes all the difference in the world. 

So, welcome to the journey. Let's make something beautiful.


  • I just purchased this pattern… Clementine. It’s absolutely gorgeous! My dusty rose jersey knit is really showcasing the excellent design. Many thanks! I’ll look forward to your other patterns.

    Pamela Murphy
  • Can i see your patterns as i would like to buy some?

    Maura Cronin
  • Clementine is the most wonderful pattern! I’m almost done making it in dusty rose jersey knit. I also will look forward to your designs!

    Pamela Murphy
  • Fantastic. This is exciting to have another new Indie Pattern Company. We will look forward to your designs.

    Carolyn Doreen Hoppe-Denend

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