March 10, 2020

It's time to show off our newest images with a sale!

Hello! We've been itching to share these new images of our Sabrina pencil skirt. And of course, the best way to celebrate is a sale. Get 15% off Sabrina all week - just use code YAYSABRINA at checkout to get your discount (offer ends on March 17th). Click here to get your copy.

Read on to find out why we call it the "Perfect fit" pencil skirt.

Three fit styles

Yes, this pattern contains three different fits, each designed for different hip to waist ratios! Speaking for myself, as a pear-shaped individual, finding a pencil skirt that actually fit was simply impossible. Not anymore! 

Our model wears the 'mid' fit style. (Side note: We will be adding more body types in future photoshoots, but in the meantime, check some of our amazing customer makes on Instagram).

Finally, a skirt that can flatter your curves, no matter your shape!!


What gives the skirt such a great fit?

Sabrina features shaping not just in the style lines, but also has darts in the front and back. These are placed differently for each style of fit, giving you amazing control over the fit!

To learn more about fitting a pencil skirt and a common issue you may have (a tilted hemline), check out the article we wrote on it by clicking here.

Fix a tilting side seam on a pencil skirt

Yes, that's a Clementine top!

You may have noticed that the lovely blush pink top we have paired with the skirt is a Clementine! The lovely soft rayon knit shows off the cowl neck beautifully. 

Style lines that shine

One of the best things about the pattern is how the flattering curved lines are perfect for colour blocking. I have seen some wonderful versions from you all. Look forward to our next images having a lot of fun with the lines on this skirt. But I also like showing how subtle they can be, like in this elegant grey wool version. 

Make it your way

Sabrina is a classic wardrobe staple, so I hope you make it multiple times! And remember, we also shared a video tutorial on how to add a flounce to the hem, if you want a little extra sass to your skirt!

Adding a hem flounce sewing tutorial

Tips for fabric selection

Many woven fabrics are perfect for the Sabrina skirt. No stretch is required, but you CAN use stretch fabrics! We used a wool with a little stretch in it for this sample. Just avoid anything too drapey or sheer!


I hope it shows how much passion I put into the fit of this garment. This one goes out to all the ladies who've struggled with fit and just want the skirt that works for their body!

Each time that someone shares their make, I absolutely love seeing it. Check out our Instagram or Facebook for inspiration and updates. And remember, you can buy Sabrina here (and of course, for this week, use sale code, YAYSABRINA)!

I hope you've enjoyed this Sabrina inspiration, and there's more on the way soon. Our next update will be our new pattern! See you soon!

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