October 22, 2019

Welcome Sabrina!

It's here! Forget-me-not's latest pattern is finally available. It's been a long time in the making, and it all stems from the love of getting a great fit. Sabrina comes in three fit styles for different figure types. That's right, three styles of fit, all designed from the ground up! 

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Style features

The Sabrina pencil skirt features flattering curved style lines and has a waist facing, invisible zip closure, and kick pleat. Separate pattern pieces are included for an optional full lining. Sabrina has a classic tailored fit with minimal ease, and sits above the knee.

All about fit

If you're like me, you may have been struggling for years, and maybe you've even given up on getting a skirt to fit you. Well, Sabrina may be exactly what you're looking for. Keep reading to learn about the three fit styles. 

Hip-to-waist ratio

This is a term that describes the relative proportions of the waist to the hip. This is largely determined by our innate body type, but can be affected by other factors such as age or lifestyle. It's part of the natural variation that makes us all unique! Each of the three fit styles is based on a hip-to-waist ratio. Let's look at each fit a little closer.

Straight fit is the fit style with the least difference between the hip and the waist. This style is the only one that the front darts are omitted from, as straighter figures don't need as much shaping. The clever thing about this fit style is that even though there is less shaping in the skirt, the classic style lines stay dramatically curved! 

The Mid fit style is for a moderately curved figure. In comparison to the Straight and the Curvy styles, it sits closer to the Curvy fit. This fit is the closest to what you would see out of the envelope on typical skirt patterns, though it skews to the curvier end of the spectrum.

The Curvy fit is as you would imagine, for those with the biggest difference between their waist and hip. Please note, curvy does not refer to plus size in this instance, although sometimes people do conflate the two terms! Curvy simply refers to the proportions of the body; people of any size can have this body type. This fit style caters to those that have a proportionately smaller waist and more fullness through the thighs and bottom!

Add to your fitting arsenal

Sabrina has extra wide side seams and centre back seams to give you bonus fitting leeway. And with both darts and seams, you have so much control over getting the precise fit you are after! You can also look forward to the bonus tutorial content we will be releasing on understanding and adjusting the fit of your skirt.

Upskill your sewing

Learn fashion industry techniques for creating the perfect facing for your zip. There are also instructions for a fully-lined kick pleat. Or, you can take the simpler route and pick the easy kick pleat finish, which is also fully illustrated, so you can tailor your sewing to your skill level!

Visit our product page here to buy Sabrina today.

We're going to be sharing some additional great content soon to help you get your dream fit, and we'll tackle the sewing too, so stay tuned!

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