March 18, 2020

Lola is here and is super fun to sew!


Yes, our latest pattern is such a delightfully simple make, with no closures, but plenty of gorgeous details. Time to get all those drapey, soft fabrics and maybe even use those pretty sheers you've been holding onto. Lola is here to hold your hand and teach you some techniques to get that flawless finish!

And of course, since she's so new and so fresh, take 20% off Lola all week with the code HELLOLOLA. Just click here to grab your copy today! 

Read on to learn all about Lola and get inspired by the looks we've put together! 

So many options!

Boatneck or scoop neck?

Lola features two different necklines, each with their own construction methods perfectly suited for the different shapes. The scoop neck option is a moderately scooped style that fits with the proportions of the rest of the garment. If you prefer a higher neck, try the boat neck!

Our lilac dress showcases the boat neck option.

We received great feedback from our testers on the fully-illustrated construction methods that give such a beautifully fine finish to the neckline and sleeves! These methods are not too difficult, but will really elevate your skills.


Also, yes, you may recognise the skirt as a Sabrina pencil skirt - it is so great to show the different fit styles on different models. Our model here wears the 'straight' fit, designed for those with a small hip-to-waist ratio. Anyway, back to Lola!

Three different bust fits

Yes! Get the fit that's right for you! Lola may be a loose-fitting garment, but having a side bust dart helps it hang much better on the body. Lola has three different fit styles to offer. Our model wears the full bust version, but there is also a medium and a small bust option. For more information, check out our sizing page. The booklet that comes with Lola contains even more guidance for you to pick the fit style.

It's all about the details

Highlight the yoke with a beautiful ruffle

It's a party in the back, I heard.

Lola dress

Because Lola is designed for lightweight fabrics, a gathered detail is such a perfect and fun touch to highlight the design lines! Of course, why stop there when there are so many other fun trims you could use - lace, pom pom trim, a contrast colour?

Sew a side split

The blouse features a split on the sides as an additional bit of detail. Perfect for adding movement through the hips! 

And don't forget the pleat + shaped hem!

The blouse features a classic shirt-style shaped hem in the back, with an inverted box pleat coming from the yoke.


How do you wear yours?

Just because the dress version comes with the tie, doesn't mean you have to use it. How about a loose, flowing Lola dress?  

Or maybe you want to blouse the dress over the tie. So sweet!

Tie at the front, or the back? Up to you. Can we just take a moment again to show some love for the back view with the ruffle though!

I hope you are as excited to welcome our new pattern as we are to share it with you! Again, don't forget to use HELLOLOLA to get 20% off in the first week. Click here to grab your copy and get sewing.

We will be sharing some fabulous tester makes soon, so don't forget to follow along on our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep in the loop. Happy sewing everyone. We can't wait to see more lovely Lolas popping up!

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