July 29, 2020

It's an exciting day for Adeline! We've just released a free update for the pattern, to give you even more versatility. And on a more practical note, there is also a small errata fix which has been addressed, so read on for that.

And, if you haven't already got the Adeline pattern, you can see all the details and buy it here.

A new look for the bodice!

We'll start by celebrating the new look for Adeline - a sleeveless version of the bodice! This free update features bonus front and back bodice pattern pieces.

You may ask, why does the sleeveless version require new pieces? Can't I just make the original bodice, and leave the sleeves off? Well, the reason for the different pieces is that bodices designed for sleeves require a looser armscye for freedom of movement. The sleeveless pieces have a tighter armscye, which improves the fit, and prevents issues with gaping armscyes (no-one wants a sleeveless bodice that gives a view straight to your bra).

Our sample is made up in a beautiful cotton chambray that shows off a chic summer look. Sleeveless dresses are wonderful for pairing with cardigans or layers, without the bulk of sleeves to worry about underneath.

The extra pattern pieces are available in both print-at-home and copy shop versions. Because it is only two pattern pieces, the copy shop version had some extra space on the page, so it includes the line drawings for Adeline too! You can use those for visualising and planning your makes. Just a fun little extra.


Side note: Isn't chambray just the perfect level of structure for showing off those back pleats?

I hope you guys enjoy the extra level of customisation this update brings the Adeline dress. For those of you that have already bought the pattern, you will be receiving these new files automatically, straight to your email! If you are just buying the pattern for the first time, you will be buying the updated version of the pattern which includes the new pieces.



Also included in the pattern update is an errata fix. As I just mentioned, new versions of the Adeline files will be getting sent out today via email to everyone who has previously purchased it. This new file includes the free sleeveless pattern piece update, as well as the existing pattern pieces with the errata fixed.


What is the errata?

There is a 4mm (just over 1/8") discrepancy in the length of the shoulder seam, which applies to the collarless view of the front bodice only. This is something that slipped by at the testing stage, and even when I was sewing the final samples, I didn't notice! 4mm (just over 1/8") is one of those things that can easily go unnoticed, since it's so minimal. But as a patternmaker, obsessing about millimetres is kind of my job. Luckily, it is an easy fix. 

Here is a diagram of the fix. The area highlighted in lilac is the addition to the pattern piece's cutting line for the collarless view.

If you have the older version of the pattern already printed, you will find it easier and more economical to simply add the 4mm back into the neckline by following the diagram. It's definitely not worth re-printing the whole pattern for!

Which pieces are affected? 

Only the front bodice is affected. 

How can I tell which version of the bodice have? 

The easiest way to tell is by measuring from the centre of the dot marking to the cutting line for the collarless neckline. If the distance is 1cm (3/8"), you have the correct version. If the distance is 6mm (1/4"), you have the old version. 

The reason this discrepancy crept in is that the collar view and the collarless view have a difference in seam allowance in this area of the pattern - 1cm (3/8") vs 6mm (1/4"), but both need to sew to the back neckline (technical details, but I thought I would explain, just for the curious). 

Secondary errata 

The second errata is that in some sizes of the pattern, there was a missing line on the short tie belt (on the copy shop version only). On old versions of the pattern, this can simply be fixed by ruling the lines to complete the rectangle. Very easy, but worth a mention.

Errors that only affect one version of the file, and only specific layers are the sneakiest, as they are hard to spot! This has been corrected in the latest version.

Rest assured, if I ever notice an error in my patterns, I will not try to brush it under the rug. Instead, I will be fixing it as soon as possible.

That's it!

That's the update and the errata! I hope this brings you even more value from the Adeline pattern. As always, happy sewing!

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