Sabrina Pencil Skirt Testing Info


The Sabrina pencil skirt features flattering curved style lines and has a full lining and facing, an invisible zip closure, and a kick pleat. However, the most exciting feature of Sabrina is the fit options!

The Sabrina pencil skirt contains two versions, that have each been lovingly engineered from the ground up for different figure types. Designed for two completely different hip-to-waist ratios; the standard version is designed for an average hip-to-waist ratio, while the curvy version is perfect for figures that need more shaping! Both versions have the same style lines, tweaked to be optimally flattering for each body type. Sabrina helps you through the fitting process with clear instructions on how to choose your size and get the fit you want. The shaped style lines contour the skirt to the body, but Sabrina also features darts which other patterns often lack, giving you amazing control over the fit wherever you need it.

You will learn sewing industry techniques for sewing the perfect facing on a zip, as well as how to create a gorgeous fully-lined kick pleat. For those that want an easier sew, there are also instructions for an unlined version, and a choice between a basic and advanced lining method for the kick pleat. You also have the option of just using the facing and omitting the lining altogether.

Designed for wovens, Sabrina doesn’t rely on stretch for its fit, offering a truly tailored result.  Sabrina is perfect in suiting fabrics, medium-weight wools, cottons, and linens. Although it is designed for non-stretch wovens, you absolutely can also use wovens with stretch.

Make a classic your way! The curved seams are a perfect opportunity to play with colour blocking, flat piping, or stripes and plaids. Sabrina can pair with a t-shirt for a more casual everyday look, or go glam with a fancy blouse. With all the tools to create your amazing fit, Sabrina will be your new favourite wardrobe staple!

Skill level


Testing group

This will be in the form of a closed Facebook group that all testers join. 


Testing will commence on September 6th, and the deadline for testers to finish will be September 30th (just over 3 weeks of time to test).